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We are experienced aviators with an understanding of your business needs.

AirSouth is an independent insurance agency. 

We represent you, not as an insurance company, but as a middleman to  many insurance companies best representing your needs.

AirSouth has established business contacts with all major insurance companies.  Our agency can provide coverage such as environmental insurance for aviation operations.  Whether you are a single engine aircraft owner, agricultural aviator, or a commercial charter operation, we work hard keeping up to date on all issues that may impact your business and insurance needs.  Successfully procuring aviation insurance is what AirSouth calls the 7 C’s.  Let us help you!

  1. Coverage.  Your aviation insurance policy should be “tailored” by  experienced specialists to fit your specific requirements, your particular aircraft and its areas of use.
  2. Cost.  The selection of a policy from the most qualified of many companies represented by your agent should result in the lowest overall cost to you.
  3. Claims.  If you have a loss, you have every right to be able to reach your agent wherever you are at any time and rely on the serviced of competent aviation claims personnel and a network of aviation adjusters to reach a fast and fair settlement.
  4. Companies.  The insurance company that insures your aircraft or aviation operation should be well established, top-rated, financially sound and solidly committed to aviation insurance…and so should your agent.
  5. Credibility.  Based upon his demonstrated service and abilities, you should feel confident referring friends to your aviation insurance agent.
  6. Currency.  Your agent should be a leader in the aviation insurance profession, keeping current in this highly competitive and constantly changing field. 
  7. Communication.  You should be able to call about your aviation insurance policy and promptly talk to a knowledgeable, licensed aviation insurance agent who has the answers to your questions and the authority to get things done.